Our lunch menu of Friday, July 31
Soup of the day
Salad with tomato, pineapple, basil and chili syrup
Rabbit « rillettes », onion confit    +$3
Croque-jambon, basil pesto and 1608 cheese
Macaroni with pork meatballs, portobello and camembert cheese sauce
Smoked duck breast salad, strawberries and roasted pecans
Roasted salmon, polenta and ratatouille    +$2
Rabbit liver and kidneys with red wine sauce    +$3
Dessert of the day    +$3
Coffee, tea or espresso
Coconut water (414 ml)      $6,50
Wine :        glass   7.50            carafe   21.50
*private importation
White : *Stadt Krems, Grüner Velteiner, Austria
Red : * Luigi Leonardo, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cab.sauv., Italy
Rosé : *Eco La Magia, Sangiovese, Motalcino, Italy
Bread is served on request

Our chef carefully selects the area's best products
to create a unique and delicious menu.