Our lunch menu on Tuesday, 13 October
Soup of the day
Beet salad, goat feta served with orange and balsamic dressing
Rabbit “rillettes” and carrot confit    +$3
Croque-monsieur with basil pesto
Warm goat cheese salad with apples, strawberries and
a raspberry-jalape
ño vinaigrette
Ratatouille style farfalle
Tiger shrimps with pastis and curcuma cream sauce   +$2
Rabbit lasagna with Sauvagine cheese sauce   +$3
Rabbit leg confit with two mustard sauce   +$3
Hubbard squash cake   +$3
Coffee, tea or espresso
Coconut water (414 ml)      $5,50
Wine:        glass   7.50            carafe   21.50
*private importation
blanc : * Planalto, Portugal 2014
red : * Maria D’Avalos, Italy 2012
Bread is served on request

Our chef carefully selects the area's best products
to create a unique and delicious menu.